TechLab STEAM Camp

Techlab: STEAM Camp Scholarships

In 2018, Scholarships will cover

  • $163 of the camp cost.  Participant must cover the remaining camp cost of $163.
  • Free snacks for the week of camp (this year lunches are not included with the scholarship.)

To qualify for a scholarship:

  • The participant must go to a Title 1 School and qualify for the reduced or free priced lunches/breakfast plans


  •  Qualify for the reduced price or free lunches at a non-Title 1 school


  • Show proof of other form of hardship that would mean that participants can not go to the camp without a scholarship.

Steps to getting a scholarship

  1. Complete the form on the right  for each participant that you need a scholarship for.
  2. We will review your application
  3. We will email you a discount code to use during registration. 
  4. Register as normal and on the last page, it will ask for your discount code.  Please enter and you will see the revised price.

We do have a limited number of full scholarships for families that can not afford even the scholarshipped camp cost.  Please indicate if you need to apply for additional help beyond the standard scholarship

Sadly, we have not received as much funding this year, so our scholarships will have to change.  The 2018 scholarships to Techlab will not include free lunch and will cover 50% of the camp cost, or $163.   We are very sorry for this change.