What We Teach

TechLab STEAM Camp

TechLab introduces kids to products, technology and programming to help them dream big.

For many kids, technology is just playing games on a phone or tablet. We want kids to think bigger.

Working alongside faculty from Anderson High School and across Austin Independent School District, we supply the latest tech and tech-art tools in an educational and safe yet fun and informal environment where campers can develop a passion for using technology to create and learn.

Each year, our camp will ask children to pretend to be scientists trying to solve a challenge. This year, campers will pretend to go out to the cave to study how to complete scientific and discovery expeditions to Earth's various caves.  While doing so, kids won't hear a lecture; they will ask the questions and they will use their imagination (and our tools) to find the answers.

Raising 3rd to 5th Grade Classes

Participants entering grades 3 - 5 will complete activities in each of the following four learning areas.  Scouts can apply what they learn towards advancements or Adventures.  We will be happy to help match what is covered to any organizations requirements for advancement if you can provide the advancement information to us. 

Track 1 - currently offered during Summer and Winter Sessions

  • Toy Design - design their own toys using TinkerCAD, simple machines, found objects and laser cutters to bring their creations to life
  • Robotics - use engineering and programming to design and build robots that can solve exploration problems
  • Digital Media - use digital (point and shoot or SLR) cameras and Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs
  • Environment (E-STEAM) - grow hydroponic plants and learn about the amazing animals and plants the make the caves home.

Track 2 - Currently offered in the Summer Sessions

  • Physics of Light and Sound - Explore how light and sound make our world exciting and learn to use electronics and instruments as your work with classmates for form a band.
  • Programming - learn to program in Scratch and amaze your friends with your own a game or app
  • Movie Making - use digital camera and Movie Maker to create your own stop motion movie
  • Geology - learn about how the earth was formed, go out to hunt for geodes and learn about all the impressive rocks and minerals found on the Earth

Raising 6th to 9th Grade Classes

Participants entering grades 6 - 9 can pick two classes listed below.  Boy and Girl Scouts can apply what they learn towards advancements or Merit Badges.  Please note, classes will cover some of the badge requires but not all of them.  Scouts will have the opportunity to work with badge counselors during lunch time and after school time if they want to work towards a completion on the badge.

Currently all Raising 6th to 9th grade classes are offered at Summer Sessions only.

Morning Class Options
Afternoon Class Options
Game Design and Animation
Environmental Science
Woodworking with CNC Routers

  • Electronics
    • Build different types of electronic systems as you create systems to address various tasks, including learning to use Raspberry Pis, basic device circuits, Snap Circuits or wearable electronics.
    • Learn how circuits are made, tested and how someone can make a career or hobby out of electronics
    • Review the basic safety and background to what is electronics
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Electronics Merit Badge

  • Photography
    • Produce and display visual art display using the classes' photographs using advanced composition and capturing techniques, including long light exposure and stop-motion photography methods
    • Learn to take professional quality photographs using DSLR Cameras and interchangeable lenses, and Photoshop
    • Review basic safety, history, skills, techniques, and tools used in Photography and careers in Photography
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Photography Merit Badge

  • Programming
    • Learn to edit and enhance programs in three of the following different programming languages (based on skill level and group): Scratch, Blockly, C++, Java, or Python.   Learn to control robots, make apps or run microprocessors
    • Learn about history, safety and tools needed for programming
    • Review careers and what one needs to start learning now to become a top programmer
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Programming Merit Badge

  • Engineering 
    • Use the Systems Engineering Approach to design your own invention while learning about Engineering ethics and careers.
    • Meet and talk with engineers who have worked on this planet and maybe off of it too!
    • Reverse engineer common electronics to create a machine that does something new
    • Learn the basic safety and thought processes behind Engineering
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete EngineeringMerit Badge

  • Robotics
    • Learn to develop robots with the First Tech Challenge Robotics system and use the robot to address various challenges.  Learn about careers in robotics and meet professionals who make and use robots everyday
    • Learn about the history, safety, basic skills and tools needed for working with Robots
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Robotics Merit Badge

  • Woodworking/CNC Router 
    • Learn the basics of modern and traditional woodworking
    • Create a project in imaging software and cut on one of our CNCs
    • Learn several basic home repairs and fixes to help around the house
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Woodworking Merit Badge

  • Game Design and Animation
    • Learn the basics of designing your own game and its animation
    • Create an online game to play with your friends
    • Create a physical game to play with other camp members using the shop
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Game Design Merit Badge and parts of Animation Merit Badge

  • Geology/Mineralogy of Texas
    • Learn about Texas Geology, how close our nearest volcano is (closer than you think!)
    • Learn how to identify different rocks and minerals
    • Learn to cut, shape and polish your own rocks
    • Learn the basics of setting your stones using aluminum or silver
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Geology Merit Badge

  • Welding
    • Learn the basic skills to start welding for a hobby
    • Get practice MIG welding while at the camp
    • Create your own welding project during the class
    • Participants involved with BSA will complete Welding Merit Badge