Campers to study one of the most unique places on Earth

The scenario: Like last year, a committee of top explorers want to know if youth can survive in the rainforest.  They are creating a program to help teach youth to survive and explore one of our planets greatest biological resources, the rainforest!  Are you prepared for an expedition of a lifetime?  

How do explorers set up for an expedition? How do they get there?   What do they study and how?  We need your young scientist to find out!

Who We Are

We are the top youth-serving organizations in Greater Austin.

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What We Teach

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Science.  Technology.  Engineering.  Art.  Math.

The future of a creative and tech savvy population in Austin rests in engaging and educating children.

The Austin STEAM Camp provides the type of engagement, excitement and hands-on activities required for successful early STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education. Camp attendees will use tools like DSLR cameras, laser cutter/engravers, 3D printers, robotics kits, hydrology display boards, Adobe Creative Suite and Labview software to explore, design and create. They will be taught by professional staff assembled through Austin Independent School District and Boy Scouts of America.

TechLab STEAM Camp
Having fun is important. So are the real-world subjects we're teaching.

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